20+ Times People Deeply Regretted Being Assholes To Other People (New Pics)

In a perfect world, you’d turn the other cheek to those who’ve hurt you and move on with life. But in a perfect world maybe they wouldn’t have done it in the first place? Sometimes, people can’t restrain themselves from getting back at somebody who has made their lives miserable. Bored Panda has compiled another list of revenge stories that will make you think twice before being an asshole to other people, and it’s definitely as brutal as the first one.

Packed with the strangest, cleverest and funniest acts of vengeance, this series proves that what goes around comes around. From jerks destroying kids’ snowmen to obnoxious creeps stalking women, it seems that these folks tried really hard to make enemies. And they’ve succeeded. Scroll down to check out what retaliation people are capable of when pushed to their limits and let us know in the comments if you think the perpetrators got an appropriate amount of justice.

#1 Snowman With Surprise Inside

#2 Badass Lady

#3 Thief Tried To Steal My Car, Accidentally Filled It Up With Gas And Brought It Back To Me Instead

#4 Learn The Language

#5 Oh Boy

 #6 Employer Screwed Me Over, I Screwed Him Back With Help From The FBI

#7 Revenge At The Bar

#8 Eat All My Food While I Fix Your Phone? Have Fun Explaining This One

#9 Belligerent Woman Name Drops In The Wrong Country And Gets Put Off The Boat!

#10 I Dont Talk To Men In The Restroom

#11 Black Friday Parking Brings Out The Worst In People

#12 Dirtbag College Kids

#13 Give Me More Work? Hope You Like Waiting

#14 Use My Razor, Congrats, You Now Have Hepatitis B

#15 Cost-Efficiency Of Petty Revenge

  #16 Instant Revenge For The Horn Prank

#17 Beware Of The Raisins

#18 Game Of Thrones Spoilers

#19 Why You Short Me A Meatball?

#20 Married People, Single Sex

#21 Park Like An Asshole? Enjoy The Car Wash

#22 Brother Revenge

#23 If You Look Up The Word Moron In The Dictionary, You’ll See Your Picture There

#24 The Laziest Hostess

#25 My Old Apartment Building

#26 Tell Me I’m Lying About Having Cancer? Enjoy Getting Chemo Vomit On Your Shoes

#27 Restaurant Owner’s Instant Karma

#28 Duct Tape My Ankles? Where’s My Marker

#29 You Rude To Me, I Irritate You

#30 Asshole Parking

#31 Stranger Snapped Her Fingers At Me After Asking For Directions

#32 Cost Me 2 Working Days Of Pay And Tell Your Supervisor I’m A Liar, Ok Let’s Play

#33 Kick A Ball At A Cyclist? Have Fun Finding It Back

#34 Tables Are Turned

#35 So Apparently If You Park Like An Asshole In Atlanta, Your Car Gets A Boot For Every Parking Space You Take Up

#36 This Little Girl In The Park Kept Winding Up A Peacock And It Took Revenge When She Turned Her Back

#37 Saw Karma In Action On My Facebook

#38 Apartment Complex Justice

#39 Revenge Of A Taxi Driver

#40 The Brown One Always Bullies The Orange One. He Finally Got Revenge


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