30+ Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

Some think the elderly lead a boring life, playing bingo all the time, but these people couldn’t be further from the truth. To crush the negative stereotypes about the senior citizens, Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest times grandparents surprised everyone around them.

From creating a DIY butter dish to providing the birds with materials for their nests, these unforgettable moments prove that the grey-haired folks are capable of much more than sitting around all day, looking for their glasses. Scroll down to catch a glimpse of how interesting your life would look like if you visited your grandparents more often and vote for your favorite pics!

#12 I Left My Pajamas At Home But My Grandma Said She Had Something I Could Wear And Then She Brought Back This

#13 Grandma’s Butter Dish

#14 Getting My Grandma A Camera Phone Was The Best Decision I Ever Made. The Cat Might Disagree

#15 My Best Friend’s Grandma (83-Year-Old) Made Herself A Profile In Facebook Today. This Is Her Profile Picture

#16 My Friend’s Grandma Commented On Her Status

#17 I’m Going To Hell But She Looks Like The Grandmother From Tweety, Right?

#18 My Grandmother Pins Cat Hair To Trees So Birds Can Make Luxury Nests. So Damn Thoughtful

#19 Came Back From Work And Found Out Grandma Patched Up My Distressed Jeans. I Can’t Stop Laughing, Lol

#20 My Husband’s Grandma. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

#21 My Grandpa Had An Amazing Sense Of Humor

#22 My Grandma With Alzheimer’s At My Wedding. She Asked — «Where’s The Body?»

#23 My Grandma Has Had This «Decorative Rock» On Her Table For 8 Years. I Don’t Have The Heart To Tell Her

#24 Grandpa Does Not Want To Be In Painting Class

#25 My Italian Grandma Came In Town. This Is Her Suitcase

#26 My Grandma Thinks This Might Be Her Last Year, So This Is The Photo We Took At Christmas Dinner (We Are Not Religious)

#27 My Grandpa Keeps A Detailed Record Of All Maintenance On His Car In This Memo Book. This Was His Last Entry:

#28 Princess Leia And R2D2 (My Grandpa’s Costume)

#29 My Grandma Thought This Was A Cross So She Hung It Up. I Decided Not To Correct Her

#30 This Has To Be My Favorite Picture Of My Grandpa. Well And Technically My Grandma Too

#31 My Granny Knitted A Sombrero For My Hamster

#32 Found This Hidden Behind Some Jars In My Widowed, 86-Years-Old Grandma’s Kitchen. I Guess We All Have Our Dirty Little Secrets

#33 When Grandpa Discovered Facebook

#34 Three Broken Ribs Yet Grandma Still Knows How To Keep Her Spirits Up During Hard Times

#35 Grandma Tried To Record The Halftime Show

#36 My Grandfather Used To Brag About All The Pool Parties He Went To At His Friend’s Backyard Pool. Just Found An Old Photo That Revealed This Was The Pool

#37 When My Grandma Died I Found This In Her Room, I Laughed So Hard And I Made Me Much More Happy

#38 So This Is What Happens When Grandma Watches My Son And She Has An Abundance Of Wigs Lying Around From Her Cancer Treatments

#39 My Grandma Is Moving And Spent 30 Plus Hours Making A Scaled Version Of Her New Room And Furniture (Accurate To The Inch). The Actual Move Took 1/10th That Time

#40 I Ordered A Wonder Woman Costume Online. It Was A Little Big For Me When It Arrived And My Grandmother Said She Wanted To Try It On. This Is The Fabulous Result

#41 Grandma Enjoying The Baseball Game

#42 My Grandfather And His Friends Recently Got iPhones

#43 I Found Batman Glasses And Forgot I Left Them In My Grandpa’s Car. He Sent Me This Picture

#44 Strangest Party I’ve Ever Been To. Happy 80th, Grandma!

#45 So I Visited My Grandparents Yesterday

#46 Grandpa Eugene Had Professional Pictures Taken Of Himself For His Christmas Cards

#47 My SO’s Grandma Doesn’t Seem To Like Swear Words In Books

#48 Troll Level: Grandpa

#49 I Spilled Water On My Phone And Asked My Grandfather To Put It In Rice To Dry It Out. He Thought I Meant Cook It With Rice

#50 Grandma Level: 50

#51 So My Grandpa Saw Wilting Plants At Wal-Mart And Started Watering Them (He Is Not A Employe)

#52 My Grandma Has A Spatula She Uses To Move Around Completed Sections Of Her Puzzle

#53 Grandpa’s Got The Moves

#54 Esther’s Granddaughter Is Single

#55 My Dad Farted While Taking A Picture Of My Grandmother

#56 My 95-Year-Old Grandma Updating Facebook

#57 My 71-Year-Old Grandpa Got Stuck In The Bathroom. His Only Weapon Was The Toilet Tank Lid

#58 So My Grandma Gave Me A Birthday Card

#59 My Friend’s Grandma Is Cooler Than Most

#60 Presenting My Grandpa On His 89th Birthday

#61 We Took My Grandma To Hawaii For The First Time

#62 My Grandma’s 20-Year-Old Cactus, She Named It Dolly Parton

#63 My Cousin Saw A 70 Year Old Grandmother Open This Umbrella While Dropping Off Her Grandson At School

#64 Grandma Overshares

#65 My Grandpa Makes A Custom Label For Air Fresheners And Sells Them For 6$ A Can

#66 Thought It’d Be Funny To Catch My Granddad Sleeping On Vacation- Till I Made The Same Mistake. Touché, Pop

#67 My Grandma Got A Label Maker

#68 My Grandpa Thought You Guys Would Enjoy His Outfit For The Night

#69 “Mom I Think I Gave Grandpa The Wrong Pills!”

#70 My Grandpa Told Me He Got My Dad A Birthday «Gift Certificate», He Was So Pleased With Himself

#71 She’s Obviously Not Her Grandma’s Favorite

#72 Not Only Is My Grandma 67 And Drive A Corvette, But She Rocks This Sticker

#73 My Grandma Was Cleaning Out My Grandad’s Stuff After He Passed Away

#74 Grandpa Is Enjoying The Retirement Home

#75 Has Anyone Seen Cindy?

#76 My Grandfather Came To Visit And «Fixed» All Our Furniture With This «Brown» Sharpie

#77 My Grandmother Recently Passed Away. My Brother And I Found This In Her Attic

#78 When Your Grandpa Is Way Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

#79 I Asked My Grandma For A Stamp, She Gave Me These

#80 My 94-Year-Old Great Grandma Made This For Me Because She Said Is Too Cold. It’s 80° Outside

#81 My Grandpa Watched TDKR, Sent Me This

#82 My 80-Year-Old Grandmother’s Home Phone

#83 Went To Visit My Grandparents And Found They Framed A Selfie I Took

#84 Surprising Grandma With A New Stove

#85 My Cousin Had A Costume Wedding, My Grandma Went As Princess Leia

#86 My Grandma’s Coasters Are Awesome

#87 Got My Grandmother A Cell Phone A Few Months Ago. Found This Today

#88 When Grandma Complains About Her «Shrinking Internet»

#89 Grandma Showed Up To Christmas Wearing The Same Thing As Me. It Was Awkward

#90 My 5-Year-Old Son’s Gift, Great-Grandmother Obviously Didn’t Look Closely At The Gift Bag

#91 This Is What You Find When Your Grandma Asks You To Clean Out Her Dryer Because There Is «A Slight Clanging Noise» When It Runs. Ended Up Being $17.98

#92 So I Found This At My Grandma’s Place

#93 My Grandma Was Crowned «Princess Of Springhurst Pines» Tonight For Valentine’s

#94 In My Kosher Grandma’s Bathroom

#95 When My Grandpa Found Out About Photoshop We Started Getting Quality Photos Like This

#96 My Grandma Got New Teeth Today, Someone Then Gave Her A Sucker. It All Went Down Hill From There

#97 Grandma Said She Got Me «That Mad Max Movie Everyone Is Talking About»

#98 Fair Enough, Grandpa Pete

#99 My Badass Grandpa

#100 Gee, Thanks Grandma

#101 My Grandma Bought Me A New Shirt Today. I’m 34

#102 I Gave My Old Sneakers To My Grandma. I’m Not Even Mad

#103 I Recently Moved To Colorado, My Grandmother Smoked Pot Legally For The First Time. She Has Been Listening To A Dubstep Frank Sinatra Song On Repeat For An Hour And A Half

#104 Grandpa Likes To Take Some Beats Wherever He Goes

#105 For My 30th Birthday, My Grandma Wanted To Bring Me Somewhere Special

#106 My Grandpa Sent Me A Note For Graduating

#107 Grandma Is Not Enthused

#108 My Friend’s Grandpa Brought Handwritten Copies Of Error Messages To Family Lunch, To Ask For Advice

#109 My Great-Grandmother Wears This Sweater Every Year And Still Doesn’t Know All Of The Meaning

#110 My Grandparents’ Valentines Day Photo

#111 89-Year-Old Grandma Celebrated Her Birthday In Cabo. This Was The Picture She Captioned And Sent To Us

#112 My Grandpa Sold His Car On Craigslist And My Mom Asked For A Picture Of Him Holding All Of His Cash

#113 Married For 62 Years, But My Grandpa Will Still Pull Out His Road Atlas To Prove My Grandma Wrong

#114 My Grandmother’s Birthday Party Invitation. She’s Turning 80

#115 Grandma Didn’t Make It In Time

#116 My Grandmother’s Fortune Cookie. She Had To Ask Me To Read It For Her

#117 After Last Years «Happy Birthday Jesus» Cake, Grandma Decided To Wipe Religion Right Out Of The Family Christmas Party Yesterday

#118 Showing My Grandma My Tattoo For The First Time

#119 My Grandma Has The Weirdest Washroom Decorations

#120 My Grandpa’s Religions Sign

#121 My Grandma. Enough Said

#122 Grandpa Fixed The Broken Arm On My Daughter’s Mermaid Doll

#123 My Grandma Got Into A Fight With Our Mixer. The Mixer Won

#124 No Grandma, That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

#125 I Told My Grandpa That I Wanted To Build My Own Computer While We Were Talking Over The Phone, A Week Later This Came In The Mail

#126 My 90-Year-Old Grandmother Wanted To Play With My iPad. She Managed To Take The Scariest Picture Of Herself

#127 And This Is Why I Love My Grandpa

#128 Today I Realized My Grandma Is Catching Up On The Trends

#129 My Friend’s Grandpa Has Awesome Parties At His Place Often. Google Maps Caught An Image Of The Aftermath Of One Party

#130 The Funniest Thing My Grandpa Has Ever Said

#131 My Grandma Just Sent Me This In An Email. The Subject Line Of The Email Was «Pugs.» I Have Never Been More Confused

#132 My Grandma Was At A Funeral And Just Sent Me This With This And The Crying Face Emoji

#133 My 86-Year-Old Grandfather’s «Business Card»

#134 My 93-Year-Old Grandma Has A Hard Time With Technology. Especially Her TV

#135 This Was All My Grandpa Wanted For Christmas

#136 Grandma Joins PC Gaming Group

#137 My Grandpa Was Such A Boss, Rest In Peace

#138 My 101-Year-Old Grandma Died. We Found This Note She Made In Her Rolodex

#139 I Was Looking For The Remote For Hours At My Grandma’s. I Went To Call My Mom And This Is What I Found

#140 My Girlfriend Asked Her Grandmother If She’d Walk Her Dog While She Was At Work. This Is What She Came Home To

#141 My Grandma Printed Some Photos From Her Phone

#142 Hardcore Grandma

#143 Grandma Really Knows How To Make Christmas Creepy

#144 How My 95-Year-Old Grandpa Cuts His Grass

#145 Things Like This Happen When My Grandpa Has To Wait For Breakfast

#146 Found Some Shit On My Grandmother’s Counter

#147 Grandma Left This At My Spot At The Kitchen Table

#148 I Present To You My Grandmother. She Turns 94 At The End Of The Month

#149 This Is All My Grandparents Do On Their Electronics

#150 My Grandma Packs Her Own Bacon Because She Feels Like The Restaurants Never Put Enough On Her BLT’s

#151  My Very Italian Grandpa Is In The Hospital. We Asked If He Wanted Anything. All He Asked For Was Wine And Cream Puffs. What A Badass

#152 Cleaning Out My Grandpa’s House, Found An Old Wallet Of His

#153 My 90-Year-Old Grandma From Japan, Showing Us How She Zooms In With An iPhone

#154 I’m So Glad My Grandparents Came To Visit

#155 My Girlfriend’s Grandma Thought The iPad Was A Cutting Board

#156 My Buddy Took His Grandma Shopping

#157 When My Grandma Got Home From Vacation, She Told Me She Got Me A Little «Pot» From Colorado. I Opened The Bag To Find This

#158 When My Grandmother Does The Christmas Decorations

#159 My Grandpa Gets An A For Effort

#160 My Grandmother Celebrating Her 82nd In California. Priceless

#161 My Grandpa Just Got An iPhone And FB Account, This Is The Result

#162 Which One Of You Left Your Grandpa At Big Lots?

#163 Had To Explain To My Grandmother That USB Stick Don’t Need To Be Charged

#164 My Nana Just Tagged Me In A Photo On Facebook

#165 My Grandpa Called Me Over To Install His Favorite Game On His New Laptop. Sorry Pops

#166 My 93-Year-Old Grandma Spraying A 9 Ft Snake With Off! In Whigham, GA

#167 My Grandparents Celebrating Their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Beverly Hillbilly’s Style

#168 My Grandma Is In Mexico Taking Shots With Random Girls On The Beach And Posting Pics Of It With Captions Like They’re BFF’s

#169 My 84-Year-Old Great Grandmother Had Her Day Made

#170 My Grandmother Politely Asked Me To Try And Not Leave My Condoms In Her House. I Think I Need To Politely Ask Grandma To Upgrade Her Prescription Glasses

#171 My Grandparents Got This Picture Framed From Their 60th Anniversary

#172 I Got Flowers And Asked My Grammy To Help Cut Them For Me

#173 Grandma Couldn’t Wait To Get A Bite Of The Cake

#174 My Grandma Proudly Presented Her Christmas Cookies That Look Like A Candle

#175 I Think My Grandpa Needs A New Globe

#176 So How’d You Spend Your Day, Grandpa?

#177 Not Sure If My Grandfather Is Awesomely Sarcastic Or Awesomely Old (Facebook)

#178 This Is What My Grandparents Have Started Putting On Their Front Door Lately

#179 My Immature Great-Grandpa (Second From Right) And My Disapproving Great-Grandma (Second From Left)

#180 This Mug Was Given To Me By My Grandmother, She Owned It For 30 Years

#181 Saw This Teen-Grampa At My Dentist Today, Society Just Doesn’t Get Him

#182 My Girlfriend’s 79-Year-Old Old Grandpa Asked Us To Come Over On Easter So He Could Give Us Some Free Computers. Said He Keeps Getting Them For Donating. Said His Garage Is Full Of Them

#183 My Grandfather In His Bat-Catching Gear For When They Get Into The House

#184 My Friends Grandmother Is Learning Photoshop. This Is The First Thing She Made

#185 My Friend’s Grandpa, In His 70’s And He’s Still Got It

#186 Took My Grandma To The Hospital While She Was Doped Up On Vicodin. She Points To The Gift Shop And Says «Oh Look, They Accept All Kinds Here»

#187 Apparently My Grandma Is A Sith Lord

#188 I Found This Picture Of My 90-Year-Old Grandpa On His Phone

#189 Found These In My Mom’s Purse, Apparently My Grandpa Had Them Made In The 70’s

#190 Taking Pictures At My Wife’s Grandparent’s 60th Anniversary Party. I Told Them «Act Like You’ve Been Married For 60 Years»

#191 My Grandma Called Me Over To Fix Her Computer Because «Everything Moves Backwards»

#192 My Friend’s Granddad: The Definition Of Badassery

#193 My Grandma Said She Found An iPod In Her Basement

#194 Asked My 78-Year-Old Great Grandmother What This Was, She Said «Oh Your Aunt Left That. Its A Dog Toy. Why? Did You Think It Was A Dildo?» Im Still Laughing

#195 My Grandpa Gives Out This Business Card To Anyone He Meets

#196 Just My Grandmother At A Rave, In The DJ Booth

#197 My Grandmother Printed And Framed This. We Laughed

#198 Grandpa’s Getting Laid Tonight

#199 This Was Left To Me From My Grandma

#200 Grandpa Started Slipping In The Shower So We Bought Him A Shower Stool. Good To See He’s Still Using It

#201 My Grandpa Sends Me This Every Time I’m On My Phone Next To Him

#202 My Grandpa Tried To Take A Selfie With My Grandma. This Is How It Turned Out

#204 My Wife’s Grandfather, Approximately 80-Years-Old At The Time, Headed To A Halloween Party

#204 My Wife’s Grandfather, Approximately 80-Years-Old At The Time, Headed To A Halloween Party

 #205 My Favorite Decoration In My House Was Handmade By My Friend’s Grandmother And Is In My Bathroom

#206 My Husband Was Cleaning Out His Grandfather’s House After His Passing. This May Explain Why He Lived To Be 100

#207 Walked Onto My Flight And Saw This Guy

#208 My Grandpa Got My Sister A Funeral Card Instead Of A Christmas Card

#209 My Grandmother From Oklahoma Sent Me A Bejeweled Wasp’s Nest Today With No Explanation Or Note

#210 My Grandparents Took A Trip To Canada, And Brought Me Back The «Canadian Flag»

#211 Why Is My Grandmother So Cool?

#212 My Grandpa Made This For The Elks Lodge

#213 My 14-Year-Old Asked For A New Camera From Grandpa. It Was For Her Eighth Grade Trip To DC. Here Is What He Got Her

#214 Found This In A Stack Of Old Photos — My Grandpa Was On To This Before The Internet

#215 «I Thought It Was An Earth Science Shirt» — Grandma

#216 Grandpa: The Baby Wants To Play In The Pool. Granny: No It’s Too Hot Out. Grandpa:

#217 Abstract Grandma

#218 My Grandmother Takes Judge Judy Very Seriously

#219 Every Time I Whinged About How Hot/Cold/Windy/Wet It Was, My Grandmother Always Said «Check The Barometer». This Is Her Barometer

#220 I Think My Grandma Misses Having Kids

#221 96-Years-Old And He’s Still Got A Filthy Mind. My Grandpa Is A Cheeky Old Bastard

#222 My 87-Year-Old Grandparents’ Mobile Phone Instructions

#223 My Girlfriend’s Grandma, Anybody Need Some Top Notch Security?

#224 A Grandma Gifted This Book To Her 6-Year-Old Grandson Thinking It Was A Children’s Book

#225 My Fiancée’s Grandma Got Me This Shirt. She Doesn’t Know What Breaking Bad Is, Nor That I Like It. She Only Knows That I’m Hispanic And «Like Graphics»

#226 What I See When I Skype With My Grandparents

#227 My Grandparents Got Me This As A Souvenir From Their Trip To Arizona

#228 My Granddad Wanted To Show Us His «Pride And Joy» This Thanksgiving. Turns Out That It Wasn’t His Grandchildren But Rather His Sense Of Humor

#229 It Was My Graduation, But My Grandmas Were The Ones Who Got Wasted

#230 Took Grandpa Out For Sushi, He Said «I Didn’t Want A Carrot»

#231 We Were Looking For My Grandfather’s Coin Collection To Get It Appraised. Found This Instead

#232 My Grandma Knows I’m An Uber Driver But Doesn’t Know How It Works. She Got Me This Planner And Wrote “Thought This Would Be Good For Your Uber Appt’s” She’s Beyond Precious

#233 My 83-Year-Old Grandfather Just Kickin’ It

#234 My Grandfather With An Old Client

#235 This Year Grandma Planned A Liquor Hunt For The Adults. That Woman Definitely Deserves An Award

#236 Found In My Grandmother’s Bathroom

#237 Visiting My Grandparents In Florida. Always Be Prepared

#238 Grandma Sent Me This In The Mail. Slowest Picture Message Ever

#239 Today I Was Startled By My Grandma’s Febreze Bottle

#240 Got My Grandma An iPad. It Was The First App She Went For

#241 My Grandma Got A New Computer And Wanted Me To «Install» The Internet

#242 My Grandmother Loves Tim Tebow, So We Got Her This For Her Birthday

#243 I Just Took A Closer Look At My Grandmother’s Favourite Coffee Mug

#244 My Sister Asked Our 80-Year-Old Grandmother To Make A «Ghetto Pose.» Nailed It

#245 Grandfather Gave Me Some Tools For Our New Home. Set For Life Now

#246 My Grandparents Know How To DMV

#247 84-Year-Old Grandmother Won Cards Against Humanity During Family Gathering


#248 Grandma Is Up To 8 Stacked Profile Pic Filters Now. How Far Will She Go?

#249 Grandpa Riding A Horse

#250 Friend’s Grandma Just Asked Whose Phone This Is

#251 Birthday Gift From My Grandpa. I Go To School In Colorado

#252 My Grandpa Found These «Stylish» New Glasses And Decided To Wear Them To My Brother’s Game ( He Has No Idea)

#253 When My Grandmother Fills An SD Card On Her Camera, She Thinks Its Like A Roll Of Film And Puts The Old One In A Bag Until They’re «Developed»

#254 Visiting My (German) Grandmother On Christmas

#255 Ever Since My Grandfather Turned 80, Zero Fucks Are Given

#256 Helping My Grandparents Move. Apparently My Grandpa Is Ted Mosby

#257 Recent Conversation I Had With My Grandfather

#258 My Grandpa Asked If I Was Hungry

#259 My Grandmother’s Reading Material

#260 My Grandmother Got A Package Of Stickers While In Norway. She Hasn’t Noticed Yet

#261 My Uncle Responds To My Grandmother’s Post

#262 So Much Grandad-ness In One Photo

#263 For Some People Age Is Just A Number

#264 Went To Get A Soda From My Grandpa’s Fridge. This Was All He Had

#265 Had To Watch A 2 Min Forest Animation To Get To This E-Card From My Grandpa

#266 Found At My Grandpa’s House

#267 My 85-Year-Old Grandmother Just Finished Writing A Book. My Mother’s Been Hounding Me To Read It. This Is On Page 7

#268 My Grandmother Surprised Me And Got Ordered Grand Theft Auto. Got It In The Mail Today, Thanks Abuelita

#269 The Grandparents Went To A Restaurant They Had Never Heard Of Before Called «Dick’s»

#270 Grandma Straight Roasting Her 14-Year-Old Grandson

#271 Death To Hipsters

#272 I Can’t Handle My Grandmother, She’s A Happy Hooker

#273 My Grandma Channeled Her Inner Mike Myers For Christmas This Morning

#274 My Grandma Had To Bake A Bunch Of Cookies For A Funeral. She Sent My Grandpa Out To The Store To Buy A Bunch Of Cookie Dough. In His Defense, The Packaging Was Pretty Misleading

#275 Now I Know Why My Grandma Always Has So Many Visitors

#276 Great Grandpa’s 100th Birthday Present

#277 My Grandmother’s Seductive Wooden Banana

#278 My 78-Year-Old Grandfather Always Says «YOLO But Be Practical,» So I Put It On A T-Shirt

#279 My Grandfather Using His iPad

#280 My Grandfather’s Thanksgiving Tradition

#281 My Grandfather Threw Me This Saying «Give These To Your Brother»

#282 Found This In My Grandparents Bathroom

#283 The First Texts My Grandma Ever Sent

#284 A Hat My Grandpa Passed Down To Me

#285 My Grandpa’s Girlfriend Got A Great Picture Of The Family On Father’s Day

#286 Looks Like The Vodka Has Been Sitting In My Grandma’s Cabinet For A While

#287 My Grandpa Dressing Up For The 4th. Yes We Went Out With Him In Public

#288 My Grandmother Wanted To Know How Long Walgreens Has Had A Baseball Team

#289 I’m 32-Years-Old. I Received This Letter From My Very Politically-Active 87-Year-Old Grandma Today

#290 I Don’t Know, Grandma

#291 My Granddad Has This Note On His Mirror

#292 Asked My Grandmother For Some Water To Take With Me Out For The Day. She Gave Me This

#293 Grandmother Sent Me This Book Out Of The Blue. Why Indeed?

#294 My Grandfather Is Really Enjoying Easter This Year

#295 My 93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Discovered My Old Beer Bong

#296 Grandma Said She Was In The Middle Of The Atlantic Late Last Night With No Extra Explanation

#297 I’m A Survivor

#298 My Grandpa Doesn’t Call His Browser Godzilla But

#299 My Grandma Saw This Archer Painting/Doodle I’m Working On. 10 Minutes Later My Mom Called Me And Wanted To Know Why I’m Painting Naked Men

#300 So My Dad Decided To Take My Grandmother To Hooters For Her First Time Today

#301 So I Was Helping My 87-Year-Old Grandmother With Her «Unusually High» Cable Bill Today

#302 So I Was Helping My 87-Year-Old Grandmother With Her «Unusually High» Cable Bill Today

#303 Grandma, You’re Out Of Control

#304 My Grandpa, 83 And Still A Badass

#305 Sometimes My Grandmother Astounds Me, Christmas Version

#306 My Grandfather Had One Scotch Too Many, Came In Wearing This Hat And Handing Out Christmas Gifts While Calling Himself «Johnny Noel»

#307 Drove 1,100 Miles To See This Woman, But Grandma Doesn’t Give A Fuck

#308 This Is My Graduation Card From My 89-Year-Old Great Grandmother. Not Sure She Believes I Am Who I Say I Am

#309 I Found My Sweet Grandmother’s Instructions On How To Take A Selfie

#310 My Grandfather Recently Got A Mobile, And He’s Been Trying To Figure Out Texting

#311 Grandma’s Got Game

#312 My Grandma Refuses To Take Off Her Headphones During Dinner Time

#313 My Grandmother

#314 So My Grandparents Went To A Photo Shoo

#315 I Live 2000 Miles Away And I Woke Up To This Text From My Grandpa

#316 The Notifications On My Grandma’s Tablet


#317 My Great Grandma And Mom In The Early 80s

#318 My 92-Year-Old Grandma Doing Shots Of Jameson From The Bottle At My Wedding

#319 A Friend Updated My Facebook Status When I Wasn’t Looking To Something Diarrhea Related. My 75-Year-Old Grandmother Couldn’t Help But Reply With Some Advice. Bless Her Heart

#320 So Here Is My Grandma With A Penis Hat On

#321 Took Grandma To Dick’s Last Resort

#322 Took Grandma To Dick’s Last Resort

#323 My Grandfather Is Retired And He Still Carries Around These Impressive Business Cards

#324 Asked My Grandmother To Use Her Phone And Got This

#325 Just Got My First Text Ever From My Grandparents

#326 Grandpa Trolling Grandma

#327 My Grandfather Is Retired And He Still Carries Around These Impressive Business Cards

#328 My Favorite Picture Of My Friend’s Childhood. Silly Grandpa

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