Baby Sings Elvis Presley’s ‘American Trilogy’, Dad Captures It On Camera, Here’s The Hilarious Footage

Elvis Presley may have been ‘the king of rock and roll’ back in the 1950’s, but his music has managed to gain legions of fans even to this day. Including in the very young generation… such as this 20-month-old baby girl.

She may not be 2-years-old yet, but little Ella Mae has certainly got an old soul and loves to sing the blues.

When Ella Mae’s dad strapped a camera to the back seat of the car, he captured Ella Mae in action as she energetically and passionately sang along with her favourite singer – Elvis.

As ‘An American Trilogy’ blasts out in the car, little Ella Mae croons her way through the song, loving every second of it. Her facial expressions are perfect imitations of ‘The King’ himself and her love for the music is clear as the soulful performance radiates out from her.

Ella’s stirring performance is advanced for her age and she sings of the heartbreak portrayed in the song, with the ‘apparent’ knowledge of how it feels. Although I’m sure that the only heartbreak Ella Mae has ever felt is the sorrow of Mufasa’s death in ‘The Lion King’…

But Ella Mae’s rendition of the classic song is so cute that it easily distracts from the sad subject matter, and people all over the world have fallen in love with her infectious performance. I can’t help but watch this video without laughing with delight at how much she is loving the music.

My favourite moment has to be when she fist pumps as the beat drops, perfectly in time. She has clearly heard the song a thousand times and knows exactly when it’s coming!

Watch the video clip below and prepare to fall in love with enthusiastic tiny Ella Mae. I’ve never seen a child so into the music before.

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