Cadbury launches WHITE chocolate Creme Eggs — but fans will have to hunt for them as the wrappers look EXACTLY the same as the normal ones

  • Cadbury launches up to 400 white Creme Eggs that will be in normal wrappers
  • Those who find them could be in with a chance of winning up to £2,000
  • The eggs won’t be sold separately and will be disguised as normal Creme Eggs 

Chocolate fans are going wild after Cadbury announced it has launched white chocolate Creme Eggs for the first time.

However there is a catch as only 350 to 400 of the limited edition eggs will be available and they will be hidden in normal Creme Egg wrappers.

If lucky chocolate fans find them, they could also be in with a chance of winning up to £2,000.

Cadbury has hidden 370 white Creme Eggs in normal Creme Egg wrappers and those who find them could be in with a chance of winning up to £1,000

The white chocolate Creme Egg will have the same gooey fondant yolk centre but will have a white chocolate shell instead of a milk chocolate one.

They are available to find in stores now until April 1.

The eggs will be camouflaged as classic Cadbury Creme Eggs, making them tricky to hunt down.

The trick is reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s promotion in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the chocolate maker hid five golden tickets in chocolate bars.

Chocolate fans have gone wild online for the white chocolate eggs, and some say they don’t even care about winning a prize if they find one

However it may well be worth it, as those who find certain ‘highly prized’ eggs will also be in with a chance of winning up to £2,000.

Customers find out if they have won some money by ringing a number on the foil or posting the packaging to Cadbury’s, who will tell you how much your white chocolate treat is worth.

Every white egg will be worth at least £100, according to Cadbury.

One of the eggs on sale at a Co-op supermarket will be worth £2,000, while 33 will be worth £1,000, spread across various supermarkets and independent stores.

A single Creme Egg costs 58p, while a five-pack costs £2.85 and a twelve-pack costs £6.68.

Shoppers were shocked to see Easter Eggs on sale in December, but Creme Eggs went on sale on New Year’s Day, which is standard for the limited edition treat.

Chocolate fans were also outraged when US owners Mondelez changed the recipe for the treat back in 2015.

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