Curious Bulldog Creeps Up To Herd Of Cows, Their Response To Meeting Him Will Brighten Your Day

You wouldn’t assume that cows would be too happy to see a dog roaming around their home. But when this bulldog gently approached a herd of steers, he ended up getting a warm welcome and a bunch of new friends.

Manfred the Bulldog was recently introduced to a herd of steers and luckily his parents had a camera to hand to capture the interaction; it is adorable!

The curious dog appeared to be shy at first, as he nervously scooted towards the herd, keeping low in the grass. But it seems to be that the herd of steer were just as intrigued to meet him, as they bowed their heads to his level.

As Manfred got close enough to the fence, the steer began to sniff him and check him out. The steer are just as nervous about meeting the dog, but as soon as they realise that he means them no harm, they welcome him with open arms.

As the friendly pup is licked by the steer, Manfred clearly loves the interaction and allows his new friends to become acquainted. He even scoots closer to his new friends and nuzzles up to them.

Nobody will be messing with Manfred again now that he’s a got a big group of body guards on his side…

Watch the video clip below to see the sweet exchange between the two animals. It’s wonderful to see the two species getting along so well – absolutely adorable.

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