Dad Says “It’s Time To Pray” – Watch As Baby Girl Prays With The Family In Adorable Fashion

While Shareably has no religious affiliation, we found the following too precious not to share!

The little baby girl in the video below is sitting at the dinner table with Mom and Dad. When Dad says it’s time to pray, just watch how she reacts! She immediately reaches out her tiny hands to grab both Mom and Dad. She then closes her eyes tight and listens carefully to the prayer Dad is about to give. You can just tell that she’s patiently waiting for Dad’s prayer to end, and once that happens, she immediately adds “Amen!” How cute is that?!

Sometimes, it is surprising how quickly babies can learn some things. This baby is no exception. Her parents were able to quickly teach her how to say grace, and she knows exactly what to do at the end of the prayer. She’s so excited to eat that she just yells “Amen” at the end. This baby is too cute for her own good.

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