Homeless boy and disabled woman save each other’s life through brief encounter

Two people enduring horrible conditions had a chance meeting, and it ultimately helped to save both of their lives, in this incredibly touching story.

John Thuo was a little boy who lived on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Homeless and alone, he was reduced to begging for money on the streets.

One day, as he was begging outside of some cars, he noticed something that surprised him. A passenger in one of the cars he approached was a woman identified as Gladys Kamande, was hooked up to tubes and breathing oxygen with the help of a large tank beside her. The 32-year-old woman explained to John that she had collapsed lungs, making her unable to breathe properly for years. A complication from one of her numerous surgeries had also left her blind.

John was heartbroken to encounter someone who had to suffer like this every day, and he felt that she was surely worse off than he was. In fact, John was so upset, he burst into tears and offered to give Gladys all the money he had raised that day, holding her hand through the window.A passerby noticed them and took photos of the encounter. This brief incident, however, would soon change their lives.

Touched by the story, people started to send Gladys thousands in donations, ultimately raising $80,000 and allowing her to travel to India where she could receive treatment. Her breathing improved and her vision was restored, transforming her day-to-day life.

Adding to that, thanks in part to the attention he got on social media, John has a new home! He was adopted by a woman identified as Nissy Wambugu, who also arranged for him to start school.

What a beautiful story!

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