Judges Scoff At 3 Nerdy Friends, But Their Song Brings Down The House

When it comes to singing competitions, we should all be well aware of the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” But sometimes we judge anyway.

Caleb Conrad, Will Ritchie, and Tyler Davis didn’t look like superstars. They looked like your everyday nerdy friends. But they were confident walking into their America’s Got Talent audition. “I think we have what it takes to make a career out of this,” said Caleb.

All that was left was to take the stage.

When the trio, auditioning as “Triple Threat” took the stage, it was clear the judges weren’t too impressed. Still, the young men weren’t deterred. They chose to cover the song “Classic” by MTKO. The results? An instant show-stopper!

Once the three friends began singing, the audience was quickly on their side. The judges were pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Triple threat had a lot of fun with the song, and it was clear they have great chemistry as a group. To the surprise of no one, they made it through to the next round of competition.

Check out the incredible audition below.

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