Mom Leaves Baby Alone With Dad, But When She Returns Finds Her Unrecognisable

It’s an age old joke that you shouldn’t leave dad home with the baby for too long, otherwise chaos will ensue. While this dad managed to avoid chaos when his wife nipped out, he still managed to get up to a bit of mischief…

Daddy Bartosz has a YouTube channel where he posts numerous videos of him and his baby daughter’s relationship. The videos are adorable and, at times, downright hilarious.

When his wife left him home alone with 3-month-old Emily, he decided to have a little bit of fun. As his daughter watches in delight, he gets creative as he stick some little costume pieces to her face.

Totally transforming the tiny tyke, Emily turns from a sweet-faced baby into a moustache and goaty wearing man. Dad is beside himself with laughter as he dresses up his daughter and she is clearly enjoying it just as much as her daddy.

Their playful relationship is wonderful to see and little Emily’s laugh is infectious. Not to mention her face is a picture when dad has finished dressing her up! Watch the sweet video below to see the transformation for yourself.

Have you ever had a similar experience when dad has been left home alone with the baby? We love to hear your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your stories in the comments below. Share the video to give your friends a good laugh.

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