Mom Names Newborn After Man She’s Never Met When Nurse Passes Her Mysterious Note

Jamie Fontenot was distraught last month when she had to say goodbye to her 86-year-old father, James Lee Grimmett. But grief-stricken as she was, her spirits lifted shortly after when she heard a soft lullaby playing over the PA system at Louisiana’s Lafayette General Medical Center.

That lullaby, played whenever a baby has been born, announced the arrival of Connie Despanie and Benjamin Hall’s son, Kingston. They hadn’t decided on his middle name yet, but a heartfelt gesture seemingly written in the stars provided inspiration at just the right time.

“After Dad passed away, we stayed in his room for a little bit, and then the doctor came in and asked us to step into the hallway,” Jamie recalled. “When we were in the hallway, we heard a lullaby playing. I didn’t even think about it at the time (but) something just moved me to go get paper and write a note.”

That letter would end up creating an unexpected bond between the two families.

Jamie took it over to the OB unit, and from there, the note was passed on to Dr. Jennifer Pugliese and nurse Cydney Begnaud, the two women who’d helped bring baby Kingston into the world.

Once new mom Connie got ahold of the note, Dr. Pugliese said, she “started reading it silently and she just had tears streaming down her face, it was really beautiful.”

It read…

To my dad’s angel:

Even though I will never know your name, you are the first child born here after my dad’s passing at 10:41 a.m. approximately this morning. When one life is taken, another is given — so you are the angel that I will relate with my Dad.

I hope your life and the life of your family has as many blessing as my Dad gave me and my 8 siblings!

Please keep my dad in your prayers, his name is James.

The new parents were so touched by the sentiment that they decided right then and there what their son’s middle name would be: James.

Delighted, Cydney, the labor and delivery nurse, got Connie’s permission to pass along her contact information to Jamie. The two women later met for a segment produced for CBS’s “A More Perfect Union” and discussed the unusual circumstances that led to Kingston’s middle name.

“A baby was named after my dad … I broke into uncontrollable tears. A smile doesn’t begin to say what he’s experiencing … He would be so totally proud,” Jamie said.

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