A strong anger burns inside when I hear of animals forced into dogfighting. However, when you hear a rescue story, that anger turns to pride as you see how awesome these dogs are deep down. I want to tell you about Finn, a (forced) fighting dog who is now known as, “Mighty Finn!”

This Pitt Bull was rescued out of the dog fighting scene and now fights dog fighting. You can even follow him on his Facebook page! But his story was chipper and exciting. Finn was brought up in horrific conditions. However, when he was rescued that all changed. Most people, including myself, would be hesitant of a Pitbull that was trained to fight. Even after they leave the fighting scene, we would assume they would be dangerous.

Oddly enough, the things these horrible people taught him and put him through did NOT reflect on his life.  Finn is an amazing, lovable dog who just wants to be with people. Following him on Facebook gives you a bunch of videos as proof! One video, in particular, has caught the attention of thousands of internet users.

Finn’s human gave him a small piece of pizza one day…his response? Priceless! Finn literally goes crazy, running and jumping all over the place like a mad dog. Tail wagging and excited, I can imagine him thinking, “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!”

Finn has a SAFE home and is loving his new life! Check out the video below to see how excited he was about this pizza!

Pizza Crust Zoomies!

And then….we had pizza crust zoomies!

Posted by The Mighty Finn on 13. juuni 2016. a.

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