These Amazing Hidden Homes Are An Introvert’s Dream Come True

Some people were born to be city dwellers, and have absolutely no problem with living in ridiculously expensive, confined quarters in order to be located in a place where all the action happens like the Big Apple or Los Angeles.

But if you gave these people a dose of truth serum — even those that swear up and down they love every single solitary moment of their life in a big city — it’s fair to assume they would admit that at one time or another they considered leaving the hustle and bustle behind for a much larger abode in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by few people other than family.

Unfortunately, many of us who would love nothing more than to build a house hidden away from the masses will never be able to afford to do so. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still dream about it, and live vicariously through those who can.

Thanks to the internet, we’ve privy to information about interesting locations we never would have known existed in the past. Through the years, a plethora of breathtaking hidden houses in random parts of the world have been identified and numerous pictures of these homes have emerged on social media.

Check out some amazing examples in the gallery below!

Mirrorcube Hotel, Lapland, Sweden

The Mirrorcube is camouflaged by mirrored walls that expertly reflect their beautiful surroundings, and offers excellent accommodation for two people with a double bed, toilets, lounge and a rooftop terrace.

Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland

In order to ensure the landscape of this town was kept as natural as possible, local lawmakers forbid people from building raised structures in the area. But that didn’t stop a brilliant architect from designing a true work of art for his wealthy clients to enjoy.

Canyon Mansion, Utah, USA

Built in 1986 and located in Southeastern Utah, the three-bedroom, two-bath house sits on 12 acres and comes with every imaginable modern amenity.

Bungalow in the Pines, Brittish Columbia, Canada

The gorgeous home, known by many as the ‘Tula House’ was designed to attract the growth of green moss in order to help it blend into the stunning countryside.

Houses on Top of Shopping Mall, Hunan, China

Big cities all over the world are running out of places to house their residents, so many a metropolis has come up with some creative ways in order to alleviate this issue. With four million people living in the cramped city of Hunan, houses are popping up on the rooftops of buildings nowadays.

Desert Oasis, California, USA

Living in the middle of a desert would be a dream come true for many introverts, and architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg expertly designed a work of art for the ages so his clients could do so.

For more unbelievable hidden homes, make sure to check out the captivating video below!

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